DVD9 Media Skipping?



So I have burned compressed DVD images before (DVD5)
I had bought some DVD9’s because they have better quality.
I have already burned a couple of DVD9’s and noticed that around the middle of the dvd it kind of stops for four seconds and then continues to read.

I wanted to know if this has to do with the second layer being read, or does the MDS or MD5 file have anything to do with it?
Is this normal when burinig DVD9 Media?

Help please… someboy… anybody… :,(


Please don’t crosspost. You’ve got the same thread started in three subforums now, and it causes confusion on where to answer you. Its also against the rules of the forum.

I’m closing this one. Look at my answer to you in the Blu ray forum. I suspect the one you started in the Blank Media forum will soon be history too.