DVD9 in _not_ 8.5gb

DVD9 in not 8.5gb
Using BurnAware, size on disc is 8.133mb, 19mb free.
Thus, max size is 8.15gb not 8.5gb, neither 8gb.
This is false advertising, besides DVD9s costing 4x as DVD5 (which is in fact 4.38 not 4.7gb).
DVD5 4.38gb(actual data storage) x 2 = 8.76gb, a loss of 760mb.
DVD9 is not double of DVD5.

Did you happen to do a little homework that is the unformatted size of the media not the formatted after using it. There is no false advertisement there. That is the capacity of the unformatted dvd media dvd5 or dvd9 media. You will never get 8.5G it is always going to be less after you use or format it. 4.38G is the typical formatted size after you get done creating the dvd. Here is a link for more of you reads.

The difference in sizes has nothing to do with formatting and everything to do with binary vs decimal prefixes.

1 GB (GigaByte - a decimal prefix) = 1024 x 1024 x 1024 Bytes
1 GiB (GibiByte - a binary prefix) = 1000 x 1000 x 1000 Bytes

Can’t be false advertising…DVD5 x2 would be DVD10, not DVD9 :bigsmile:

Pulling your leg btw. Drage has the real answer.