DVD9 -> DVD5 when movie is smaller than 4.37 GB

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So, the ifoedit method to strip all of the streams ends up costing more time and often disk space for me than doing a DVD2ONE, or Instant Copy 7 rip.

I am wondering if IC7 or DVD2ONE is intelligent enough to know that it does not need to reencode a movie if after stiripping the extra audio/video the movie is under 4.37 GB…

Basically, I know that IC7 will show me that the movie will be at 100% quality, does that mean 100% quaity by terms IC7 still re-encodes it and the bitrate comes out the same, or does that mean it is truely the origonal video stream

Same question applies for dvd2one…

Sorry if this has been addressed on the forums before, I searched, but theres kinda like 10000 topics that seem to match.

First, the answer to your question is that DVD2One does not compress video files that have no need of compression. It simply arranges them in a way that gives you just the movie itself and drops the extras. There is no loss of quality. I suspect that IC’s 100% is also synonymous for no compression.

It’s worth remembering that if the whole DVD is less than the size of a DVD5, you could simply rip the original with DVDDecrypter in ISO mode and then use DVDDecrypter to write the resulting ISO file to a blank DVD5. You would then have an exact copy of the original, extras and all :slight_smile:


thanks, guess i was unclear, origonal dvd is about 7 GB, just tons of crap… but what you have told me was very usefull.
Thanks again