DVD9->DVD5 main movie + some extra

Hi guys,

A just finished copying Fist of Fury (DVD9) to DVD5, it worked! :bigsmile:

Ripped only the main movie files with Smartripper, and stripped out the english comment stream and some subtitels with IfoEdit.

But, one question:
I liked to put the ‘hong-kong legends intro movie’ in front of that.
How do I do that? I tried some … but not really getting it.

Original files:

-VTS_04_1.VOB till VTS_04_5.VOB => main movie

And I like to include:

-VTS_01_1.VOB => hongkong legends intro movie

and also maybe if it fits:

-VTS_18_1.VOB => a picture slide show

With a guide I got from cdrsoft (also read some from doom9, but understood the one from cdrsoft better) I got to putting the main movie on the dvd 5, but there some more space left so I like to put the above mentioned files on it. I think it can be done with IfoEdit…but dunno :confused:

2nd week now with dvd burner…