Dvd9-dvd5 commandline?



Is there out a tool that allow to backup a dvd9 onto a dvd5 via commandline?


Christ, I hope not!


Why not? Under Linux there is it and it’s very usefull.Under Windows you can image something like this: you set up an information file with your choiche for audio language and subtitles. you create a .bat file on yuor Desktop to start this prorgam that read the information file; now every time you want to back up your legally owned original dvd just put it into your DVD-ROM,put a blank DVD-R into yuor DVD_RW and start the batch file. After 20 minutes you got yuor legal copy.
No more start the program,select the source DVD-ROM,the destination DVD-RW, select the main movie,select the audio,the subtitles,press backup!,and so on…
Nerocmd already support this with non encrypted cd and dvd,DVDdercypter has commandline support so you can do that with DVD5 but not with DVD9 because it cannot transcode.


Because there’s no such thing as just “picking your languages and letting it go”. Unless you want HORRIBLE compression results. What happens if the disc is 8GB, as a lot of new movies are? You aren’t going to pick what to remove? You’re just going to blindly let the program decide how to try to ditch 40% of the data? That’s insane, man!


Yes but if i own that dvd I KNOW what type of movie it is,if hard to compress,long or short,and so on… if this “ipotetical” program supports two operating mode: DVD9-DVD5 trascoding keeping only the main movie and my language track or DVD9-2xDVD5 splitting keeping every features, i can choose what method to use before encoding it and get a final good result almost with every DVD.


If you were going to spend the time to put the DVD in, look at the VOBs using some PC player or something, and figure out what’s worth keeping and which method to use… why wouldn’t you just spend that time working the DVD Shrink menus? :wink:

See, I’m playing devil’s advocate here.

The Linux tools suck. Any tool for which there is VERY limited demand… sucks. That’s just how it goes. You don’t want YET ANOTHER transcoder out there that won’t be supported. As it is, there are now some structure protections that Shrink has trouble with even after AnyDVD or DVD Decrypter are done with them. It’s only getting worse.

None of this means such a program CAN’T exist, but I know of none.