DVD9>5 Prog that Uses CCE?

Is there an easy DVD9>5 prog that encodes with CCE? I prefer CCE quality-wise to dvd2one. I have plenty of idle cpu time so I don’t mind setting it to do its thing and going to work or someting :).


Yes 1 so far i think its called DVD2DVD-R
can be found on www.dvd2dvd-r.de.

Interesting, is it available in English?


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[B]Interesting, is it available in English?

/MLS [/B]

Yes, the downloaded file will be in English. Just takes a little bit of navigating/translating to get that far though. :bigsmile:

also dvdbot will sometime in the future


Or even DVD2SVCD w/CCE is good as well. A 2 click encode once set up. A few clicks to author.

Have a read at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62671

Yeah I just found that yesterday, exactly what I was looking for, thanks :). Just need to find DVDMaestro, are there any freeware progs I can substitute?


If you can deal with “movie only” then you can use IFOedit to create the IFO and BUPs for you then burn with Imagetools or your favorite DVD burning ap.

I use DoItFast4U to do DVD9-5. It pulls up dvd-decryptor to rip the files, then creates and Avisynth script (to use with CCE) then you open CCE drop in your AVS and encode.


You can also get DoCCE4U to help with CCE.


hope this helps you.