DVD8801 (L.03) vs DW1650 (BCIC) - need fw backup tool



Just got DVD8801 (Jan/2007 mfg date) as a backup drive.

The drive has L.03 firmware.

This firmware is not available anywhere as a download (afaik).

The latest DW1650 firmware if BCIC.

There is no known firmware backup tool for BenQ (Nexperia chipset) drives.

Now, I have a dilemma.

I’d like to test both firmware and pick the one that suits my needs.

However, once I flash to BCIC, I can’t go back to L.03.

Is there a way out of this dilemma, other than buying another DVD8801 and only flashing one of the two into DW1650/BCIC :slight_smile:


There is no tool available to “back up” or save your L.03 firmware. :sad:

My last DW1650 also came with “L” firmware
Don’t think you’ll regret flashing the drive with DW1650 firmware. I would avoid the latest firmware BCIC though because it makes drive too picky about media. :wink:

When you can afford it, buy two 8801 drives, flash one with real BenQ firmware and compare. Make sure to post your findings. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.

Guess I’m out of luck.

I picked this unit (DVD8801) on my trip to Central Europe and locally these aren’t available anymore.

Guess I’ll just flash this to DW1650 then.

Such as shame that nobody ever developed a flash backup tool for Nexperia chipset drives. It would have been interesting to compare L.03 with other BenQ firmware.


Did you flash to 1650 in the end? Or did you take any quality scan of disks burnt with L.03 firmware and BCIC (or any other 1650 fw)? I’m curious because my dvd8801 hopefully is arriving today (only 27 euros :iagree: ) and I have the same dilemma… to flash, or not to flash: that is the question.


Hi There!

I Just successfully crossflashed my [B]DVD8801[/B] which came with fw L.02 to a Benq DW1640 fw BCFC. The performance of the original firmware wasn’t very impressive and also I was a bit annoyed with the constant flashing of the LED while burning :Z

Now the drive behaves like a “real” DW1650 :clap: :clap:

I have been able to get consistant results that match my “original” Benq DW1650 drive. So it’s definately worth to take the “risk” of crossflashing (IMHO) !



I always flash my OEM BenQ drives(with “G” f/w) to BenQ official f/w. Philips drives i would do the same. Warranty or not :iagree:

Make sure you flash with the correct f/w though :wink:


The drive I flashed, was still in warranty, but since they are “dirt cheap” I didn’t really care neither.

If I can, I’m gonna buy a batch of DVD8801’s in the near future so I can enjoy Nexperia based performance for years to come :bow: :bow:


P.S.: I used BQFlasher with Nero wnaspi32.dll


Welcome to CDF’s :clap:

If i had a store near me that had them so i can return the bad ones (if any) i would buy a bunch of them :wink:


Does anybody has backup of L.02 or L.03 firmware?


Hi There!

I answered your question via the PM you sent me. But for those who are interested: There is currently no easy/known/non-technical :bigsmile: way to backup this firmware.

However I see no disadvantage in crossflashing the drive, other than losing warranty.
The DVD8801 unfortunately is now very hard to find over here :sad:

Have a nice day!