DVD8631 will not recognize blank DVD-R

I have a DVD8631 flashed to GD30 that will turn into CD drive on my computer: when I insert a blank DVD-R. If you try and click on the drive it says it is inaccessible…any ideas?


Ignore what windows tells you about the drive. Explorer has and will always report the drive as a CD-ROM when a blank DVD is inserted, its a bug and a) Its not fixable b) It does not affect anything.

Have you tried burning this DVD-R disc using Nero or the burning software that came with the PC / Drive as the built in burning software in XP will not work with DVD’s as its CD only. Nero etc should work fine.

Will it work even if the drive says it is inaccessible and there is no free space recognized by XP?

It should.

Its inaccessible because there is no data on the disc and thus windows does not know how to read it and because windows cannot see any data formating on the disc it assumes there is no free space.

In other words, it’s not a DVD until you burn it … it’s just an empty piece of plastic with no formatting.