DVD5 with extra 7MB to single-layer DVDR?

I’m trying to backup a DVD5 with Decrypter in ISO mode and I’m getting one of those lame “Invalid IFO/BUP” errors. I simply click OK and ignore the error and the disc seems to finish being copied to HD just fine.

However, I came to the conclusion that the original disc is 4,707… bytes, circa 7MB larger than the ordinary single-layer DVDR (4,700,… bytes).

Lame copy protection ? Simple coincidence with a bogus size on the limit ? How to bypass the issue ? Would simply reshrinking the DVD by 7MB work ?

Any help welcome, thanks :slight_smile:

Answering the practical side of my own question and as a reference for others, yes, doing away with the extra MB (by reshrinking or simply dispensing with a needless element) worked perfectly.

I’m still curious as to if that 7MB overhead was simply the result of amateur mastering regarding DVD5 size limits or the lamest copy protection attempt in DVD history. :confused:

I’ve had instances where an IFO file wouldn’t copy because of data errors from the original disc. In this instance, I skipped the file but after the rest of the disc had been ripped I made a new .IFO file from the corresponding backup (.BUP) file.
Glad to see your copy works okay but arbitrarily removing material from a DVD structure is risky. What you removed may have been unreferenced material or something you have not yet tried to access on the backup disc.




What program do u use to make a new .IFO??


As an example, say you have VTS_03_0.IFO that is unreadable from the original disc. You should be able to find the corresponding file VTS_03_0.BUP. If the .BUP file reads okay from the disc, then all you do in Windows XP is right-click on the .BUP file that was successfully transferred to your target folder and create a copy of the file. Then rename this copy to VTS_03_0.IFO.