DVD5 To DVD9 COnverting Software

Hi guyz im new to this forum and was havin some trouble trying to convert my dvd5 movies to dvd9 thus increaseing it to 8.5gb as the movies on dvd5 are mpeg1 was wonderin if i can convert it to 8.5gb in a mpeg2 version to increase the quailty from 1.1mbps to a possibly high rate. the movies are tv anime shows that i wanted to upscale using some sorta a prongram. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciative. Thank you for your time

Regards Panga04 (Alexander)

Hi and Welcome!

you can’t increase the quality of already compressed material.
If your goal is to convert your MPEG1 video to MPEG2 in order to have something that is more compatible to standalone players, you might have a look at the free DVDFlick.


thanks for that micheal. i dwonloaded the program though when i copied the movie from my disc then tried to put it in the program it only accept a few of the vob files. not sure if i need to convert or anything?

thanks again

Sorry, I have no idea, what’s going wrong here. :frowning:
Are there any error messages? If so, then please check if there is some documentation which can help.


Are you importing several Vobs in DVDflick?
Sometimes the better solution (for me) is to[I] merge[/I] all the Vobs to a single file(e.g. vob, mpg, and import the single file in your conversion app of choice… AvstoDVD, FAVC, CXD, DVDflick etc…
I use Vob2mpg for the merging, there’s is no [I]re-encoding[/I] involved, you get a single .mpg file…However, as Mciahel noted above you will [I]not[/I] increase the quality of the original file(s) by re-encoding/transcoding and increasing the bitrate needed to fill a DVD-9 size disc…Trash in, trash out…