DVD5 option is missing. Only DVD9 available



Ok Guys,

Im trying to restore a neighbours PC to allow it to burn files to DVD. Its a crappy DELL with Loads of free ware pre-installed. He has been using Roxio software which I have no experience with so I suggested we install Nero and once we got it to work we would remove Roxio altogether as he dosen’t have the installation CD to re-install it. I think this may be needed as it comes up with 3 error messages every time its shut down.


I had hoped to avoid these issues by using the software I supplied as its worked well for me on numerous PCs with various operating systems. However it will only recognise DVD9 which I cant seem to change. Even the drop down menu in Nero only shows DVD9.

The Dell machine has XP installed but I cant provide any further details as Im not at its location and can only attempt to fix it once a week when im in the area. Any suggestions that you think may resolve this problem are much appreciated.

Thanks for your time .

Hmm Nero

I have just tryed it on this laptop as well but it dosent appear to be Vista compatible. :frowning: But I don’t think its Nero TBH. As the software works fine on my XP Machines back home.


That’s very odd - which section of Nero are you using (might help us see more clearly where you’re coming from).

Also, if we can’t help immediately, and chance you can grab a screeshot next time you’re at the sick PC?


Edit: which version of Nero, as well? I have 7 & 8 installed, so maybe I can have a poke around :wink:


OK here’s a screenie from Nero 8 in Vista.

See the drop-down in the bottom right with the choice of DVD9 and DVD5 - you only get DVD9 there as an option?


I don’t think it matters that you only get DVD-9. As long as you have only enough data to fill a DVD-5, you’re good.

Try updating to the latest Nero version and see if it fixes things. It may be an odd bug that only appears with some drives/systems.

I posted some Nero 6 screens, too. You’re talking about the parts highlighted in red?


Yeup U both nailed my neighbours problem. However the files were only 700 mb in size that was being burnt to a new dvd±R on a multisession track. It simply ejected disk stating the wrong media was inserted and to insert dvd9 compatable media. Why is this occuring? Ive always had the dvd5 option avail in the past on other machines.