Dvd5 and generic

When i rip dvd to generic as a .avi file it comes out really grainy, ven on the highest bit rate. I wanted to rip as generic so i can play it on windows media centre and store it on my hard drive. I ripped to dvd5 put i cant play it.
What is the best way to rip so as to be able to store onto hard drive or burn to disc s required and play on media centre.

What kind of ripping tool are you using? Most of them will rip DVD files which can be burned and played on almost any DVD player.
What OS do you have?

i’m using dvd fab platinum. It works ok to burn onto dvd. I want to store it as a file on my hard drive without sacrificing quality,and to be able to play t on my computer from the hard drive. If i rip it in the generic format as an .avi, then it is really poor quality. If i rip it as a dvd5, then my computer won’t play it from hard drive.
how do i rip and store to hard drive as a playable format?

p.s. I’m using vista

using dvdfab with generic there are settings you can adjust to get better quality. here is the link for dvd to mobile: generic: from the dvdfab tutorial. basically after selecting generic on the left, click next, click configure on the bottom left, move the bitrate slider to the right for higher quality.

to play the video_ts folder i use vlc player, this free player will play almost anything with out the need for extra codec. open vlc, click file, open directory and vlc will play the video_ts folder as if it were a dvd disc.