Has anyone tried DVD43? I did a quick search and didn’t find any references (if I screwed up the search please forgive the newbie). It sounds like a free version of AnyDVD. Maybe not quite as good or user friendly, but free! I’m just looking for usability comments or whatever. Thanks.


I currently use DVD2one 1.4, DVD43 (a freeware product similar to Anydvd) and CopytoDvd 2.4. DVD43 seems to work well - no problems at all so far. This combination gives me a great one click solution to backing up DVD’s. The major advantage is that DVD2one is so damn fast compared to DVDshrink (using deep analysis) - although the DVD2one/CopytoDvd combo does cost some money (but not that much really).
DVDshrink coupled with Nero or DVDdecrypter is also a great one click solution, but I really like DVD2one’s speed and simple interface.
(On my 66cm widescreen TV I cannot tell the difference between DVDshrink and DVD2one).
I recently used DVD2one 1.4 to put my Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Extended edition) on to a single 4.7G DVD+R. The result was superb (on my setup anyway)!
DVD43 does not work with Clonedvd apparently.
For some DVD43 info check out: ttp://www.videohelp.com/tools?toolsearch=dvd43&s=&orderby=Name&convert=&dvdauthorfeatures=&Submit=Search+or+List+tools#comments


cool. Thanks. :cool: I’ll give it a try since it’s free and see how things go.


New version available @ Copybase.ch :slight_smile: