Anyone have any idea what happen to the DVD43 web page?? I need to redownload it to my new computer…

It’s still there…


just tried it and nothing opens…

try it and let me know what u get…


I get the DVD43 home page…

Check your browser settings. Perhaps you can only access trusted pages.

here’s the latest version uploaded to megaupload


Why waste your time? There are much better tools out there.

assuming that farmervern is using 1clickdvdcopy then dvd43 works very well with this product.

Yes there are other tools out there but they cost $$$ (anydvd $39) or they do not run in the background like dvd43/anydvd.

Ripit4me, Dvdfab Decrypter etc all need the user to rip the movie to hdd before using their compressing/burning too of choice to complete the burn.
Since dvd43 v3.9.0 came out I have been using it instead of anydvd to test the capabilities of 1click (with CPRx as I beta test for the LG products) and it has worked with great results :iagree: