Stands for DVD For Free … is this a new prog. & does it work? Will it be updated?

Anyone know anything about it? I was looking for an alternative to DVD Decrypter.

DVD43 is not a new program - (and don’t buy it - it is a free download) however it is not updated all that regularly, but it will remove the protection from a huge majority of movies out there. Other options are AnyDVD (what I prefer) or DVDFab Decrypter or even DVD Region + CSS Free - plus a whole host of other ones out there.

use Anydvd by slysoft. I once tried dvd43 and it was no good at all :iagree:

DVD43 has been updated recently, twice in as many weeks, mainly to cope with ARccOS. It was, however, quite a while since they’d updated.

Might as well read a positive opinion. :wink: Some folks have trouble with it, I don’t, although I haven’t tried the latest version with an ARccOS disc. Hey, give it a try, it’s free. But DVDDecrypter is still the best IMO.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

DVD43 is the poor man’s AnyDVD.

It has compatibility issues, and as has been stated gets updated around once a year. That’s not enough for most of us. :wink:

Thanks everyone. I’ll stick with dvd decrypter until I’m forced to use something else but wanted to have a plan b for when the time comes. :frowning:

Having a plan b is always good :iagree:

It has been updated three times since May and I find it to be excellent. I have been using it before the Arcoss versions came out and have had zero problems.

Nice to know that it could crack Arcoss but still Anydvd has more options then DVD43

Yes, but DVD43 is … free! There’s something to be said for the free utility.

We’ve all been spoilt by DVD Decrypter, because in that case the free option was also the best option!

some ppls like free but some like the opitions the it provides