DVD43 not compatible with Windows XP 9K

I have been running DVD43/1click DVD copy. The other day I rec’d notiication that there was an updated version of 1click so I followed the link and I updated once I completed the upgrade as I was prompted to upgrade to the new version of DVD43 so I did. When I tried to launch DVD43 and I get an error of "DVD43 not compatible with Windows 9X. What can I do in order to get my copying access back? Has anyone else had this problem ? and is there a fix? I would really like to get my copying access back.

It’s no longer developed.

But, there are other alternatives now that you can use.

DVDFab Decrypter is FREE and can decrypt new releases easily:


Another is the RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS combination, which also works great and all the stuff is free. Basically, you install DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter on your system, install the RipIt4Me installer app, and then run RipIt4Me and you are good to go.


Best of luck. Let us know if you have other questions / issues.

BTW, these free apps all work fine with Win XP.

Ditch DVD43 and, try AnyDVD the most trusted DVD Decryptor around. http://www.slysoft.com Buy the program before it goes up in price :slight_smile:

Why pay $40 when you don’t have to?

Gentlemen, I hope it’s not too harsh to say that we should not recommend a different software until all possible avenues of misunderstanding have been explored and confirmed… Let’s try and be rational about this. :wink: It’s apparent that the OP would simply like to undo the update installation.

@Kobycat: You use the term “Windows XP 9k” in your thread title. Do you really mean the OS on your computer is Windows ‘XP’, or ‘95/98’…?

Sorry. I’m bummed that DVD43 is no longer updated too.

Sometimes I tend to just go for the fastest / easiest / least expensive solution, when I should take the time to do a little more research.