DVD2Xbox by WiSo - RELEASED 19 NOV 2006



  • fixed: SmartXX RGB Led support had some bugs
  • added: some new transition for the RGB Led
  • added: return to dash from main menu can now be configured in dvd2xbox.xml
  • added: auto shutdown feature after ripping. Default is off
  • changed: xbe title from dvd2xbox to DVD2Xbox :wink:


A small windows app which let you easiliy configure your SmartXXRGB.xml file (needs .NET framework).
It has also the ability to test the transitions and color directly on you box if the network is enabled
(DVD2Xbox needs to have network, SmartXX RGB Led and xbox autodetection enabled). This is usefull because
the color shown in the app and on the Led are a little different. Maybe later on one can insert an adjustment