Hi all

You may be familiar with my user name :slight_smile: , I asked about dvd bakcup (DUP-DVD).

I have found new one which is called DVD2SVCD, it looks very difficult to use - you have to know that I am a really bigginer.

Anyway, I managed to use this software and it just takes whole 1 day to decript and encript, what makes worse is it gives some error messages while encripting.

Ovbiously, I did not get backup SVCD. Have I done something wrong or as a thread mentioned, my Toshiba-DVD reads it too slow? :confused:

Have you checked out the guide for this proggy at the doom9.org website??? It gives a good rundown of the standard features. If you are interested I have some notes that tell how to reduce the conversion time down to 4 hours with very little difference in quality.

Drop me a mail mate. And anyone else for that matter if you like :smiley:

Hey guys I also have the same problem while using TMPEGnc descripting “O Brother where art thou?”

what about DvdX 2 i think it might be better

Use the CCE plugin instead of Tmpeg, it’s much more stable.

hey i have dup dvd 2.1.1 full
and it works and been tested due to cd freaks constrictions i can only email it to u email me at n3wt@india.com
“Good Programs Are always Free!”

DVD dupe sux, always sync problems & quality wise its not even close to dvd2svcd…

heres a tip from experience, if you are new to this, D/L "smart ripper & DVDx v2.0 both are totally free to d/l, quality isnt as good as dvd2svcd but it will get you going… its everything thats in DVD copy plus that you must pay for = lmao

cce requires you buy a full version or you get an ugly blue logo when your done <very ugly> but its the best i found…
also read the post here on dvd2svcd might help…