DVD2SVCD troubles

When I encode a movie using DVD2SVCD I get a large file that is only 30minutes long.
I select the ifo corresponding to my vobs. eg. vts_01_0.ifo if my vobs are numbered vts_01_x.vob.
DVD2SVCD reads a movie length of, say, 1h30min but the final file is only 3omin long.
I checked my vob filee and the movie and it is only encoding the first vob.
Any ideas why this is happening? Why it encodes only the first vob, even though the ifo inuot the whole movie lenght to DVD2SVCD!!

Are you saying that there is one and only one .vob file created? If so, how large is it? Is it possible in setting up your dvd2svcd session that you told it the length of the output media was not a dvd (4400 megabytes)?

I set DVD2DVCD not to create images, ie no vob files. I have selected to create mpv files and use the original source audio.
I want the DVD authoring program to create the vob’s as I want to have multiple movies on one DVD with basic menus.