DVD2SVCD Sync Issues

Hi, I have been using DVD2SVCD ever since I started encoding movies and have found it excellent once I get it working.

However, every time I re-install (due to formats, etc) I have a problem getting it to convert movies without losing audio sync, this was usually those with VBR Audio, but not in this case.

I always follow Chickenman’s DivX->SVCD tutorial when configuring DVD2SVCD and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… ?

The first few movies I’ve done recently have been really choppy and I couldn’t track far into the file… the audio from that part would play but the video would take an unfeasible amount of time to ‘catch up’ to where I was tracking to. I figured this was due to a codec conflict so I uninstalled all of them and then just put DivX (and XviD) back on.
The next video I encoded wasn’t choppy and came out at good quality (good old CCE), but there are numerous parts where the audio goes progressively out of sync, then back to sync again. I did multipass VBR at 3 times and the file did not have VBR audio, (I know how to fix them by extracting audio and then re-encoding with CBR encoder now). Any ideas? (I’ve gotten this a lot in the past but then something just clicks after a fiddle and DVD2SVCD churns out SVCD after SVCD with 99% success)

Also, I noticed in the latest version of DVD2SVCD it is bundled with D2SRoBa or something with lots of new foreign features that scared me off… :stuck_out_tongue:
What would be ideal is if you could load in comprehensive config files (like TMPGENc) that set DVD2SVCD up to say Chickenman’s guide’s spec.
Are there any new guides for this version of DVD2SVCD and is D2SRoBa recommmended? (I think the 1 time I encoded with it, it only output 1 800mb file and it had the problems described above)


it aint worth converting a DIVX to SVCD… if what your trying to convert is a DVD Movie … i would just go buy the movie wink,wink then convert it to SVCD.

converting divx to svcd looks alot worse then if u do it from a dvd source.

good luck.

I’ve updated the DVD to DVDR Tutorial using RoBa method so no reason why you cant follow that as the AVi to SVCD will be very similar, just choose the appropriate SVCD settings and not the DVD ones. But run DVD2SVCD first, tick AVI as input, then SVCD as output. Shut it down, then run D2SRoBa.

Thanks, I did an encode following your RoBa guide…

Basically the sync was still messed up in WMP but when I played it in WinDVD, it was fine throughout… Does this mean it will play fine on my DVD player or does WinDVD do some type of correction on streams?

The other thing was the size of the 2 MPGs that it made… 1 was 814,000 KB and the other was much smaller at 783,000 KB - I’ve run out of blank CDs so I’m not sure, but is the first file too big ?
Besides that, how can I make it output files more precisely sized (with 4 pass VBR I used to get 2 files that come out equally sized (~810,000KB)) Is it to do with the auto Q or anything?

Also, a few settings in your DVD->DVDR tut differed from those in the old SVCD one:

  • Should the resize method be Lanczos or Bicubic?
  • In the Encoder tab, what should the CCE Advanced Settings be?

Oh and does RoBa enforce an audio bitrate? I’m sure I set 128k/s but the SVCD files came out 192k/s

The encode time was amazing, under 2 hour encode. Is it really identical quality to 4 pass VBR or just considered better value because of the duration? I usually do them overnight so I’m not bothered by the time taken just the quality… although I guess I could do a batch.

Many thanks!

And another quick question… !

In the past, some problematic AVi’s that gave bad synch with DVD2SVCD had VBR audio… so to combat this I use virtualdub to save it out to a WAV then recompress with CBR - 2 questions on this:

  • Does the new version of DVD2SVCD handle VBR audio fine or do I still have to do this?

  • In VirtualDub I use Radium MP3 codec and it has a variety of (constant) bitrates to use. But, for example, if a DivX file has audio bitrate of 136kb/s, the closest the codec offers are 128k/s and 160k/s. So which should I use? Will the lower one cut out some of the data or will the higher one use more data per second and this reduce the audio track length and cause sync probs?
    Do you go for the higher or lower bitrate?


oh and is batch still done the same way? I don’t see any new options with integrated RoBa…

Okay, I’ll see if I can answer them all …

WMP quite often has sync problems, WinDVD does not.

The auto selection of the Q value does tend to put things out a bit so you dont always get exact 800mb files. They tend to go under sized, not over. The quality is there so I wouldnt worry about it. To get more precise sizing, dont use the RoBa method then, just std VBR method.

BiCubic is the standard for DVD to SVCD, use Lanczoc for DVD to DVDR

RoBa should not reset the audio bitrate from anything you have set in D2S. I find 128 a bit to low anyway, I’d go to 160 minimum.

The OPV method of encoding uses the VBR structure within the original DVD. If you encode VBR method, it needs 4-5 passes to approach what the original vbr structure was. Best is to encode a short piece both ways and check it yourself.

As for avi’s with VBR MP3, I’ve never had a problem at all if the the avi was in fine condition. Also, VirtualDUB does not handle VBR MP3, so use NanDUB instead. You can convert the audio to WAV and save the AVI with WAV audio. Then just convert that now larger avi with D2S.

You can use RoBa method in Batch mode, I explained “how to” as an attachment to the DVD to DVDR Tutorial.

Whew… I hope I got them all :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

Yet 1 last question… !
I converted a movie into 2 SVCD mpeg files… the sync is fine throughout the first file but for some reason, the first 20 minutes of the 2nd are out and then suddenly go back to being fine for the remainder… this doesn’t happen in the source AVI though.

Is there a util I can use to chop the 2nd file in 2 so I can delay the audio track on the first 20 mins of it?

Thanks again!

MPEG2Cut is good at chopping mpeg2 streams and is free. A Google search will find it for ya.

Thanks mate, been a proper diamond in helping me out :smiley:

Oh and for another question, hmm let me see…

Well I find that when I do a batch overnight with RoBa, sometimes I wake up to check it and find that only the first movie has encoded successfully, and DVD2SVCD is stuck on the second… CCE is open with everything loaded in (playlists, etc), I think (due to the keyboard typing immitation used, where the filenames type themselves very fast!), but is just stuck on the main screen.
All I need to do to start it again is click ‘Encode’ and I think it would continue perfectly.

So I think the first encode slows my PC down loads (I have AthlonXP 2000+, 512mb DDR, but a slow/damaged HD), and the DVD2SVCD/RoBa keyboard mimicing tries to click ‘Encode’ before the box is available to be clicked…

Is there a way to set a longer wait for relevant screens to appear before the typing immitation does it stuff?


Sorry, I know no way of setting a longer wait in Roba, best would be to chuck the slow/damaged HD for a new drive, they are pretty cheap now a days.

I’ve never had a problem with RoBa batch encodes, I’ve done up to 12 TV eps in one night without a hitch. Just backed up my Star Trek Voyager Season 1 & 2 that way. I would normally use ReBuilder but the results stuttered at chapter points (that problem still exists with some dvd’s), so had to do it manually. To be honest, it is rare that I DONT run DVD2SVCD in batch mode and now with RoBa, its even quicker and better quality.