DVD2SVCD Problem

Please If somebody have any idea regarding this problem
It will be great !!!

DVD2SVCD use :

Windows error message :

Cinema Craft Encoder SP encountered a problem and needs to be close We appologize …
AppName: cctsp.exe AppVer: ModName: cctsp.exe
ModVer: Offset: 0008054f

Configuration :
P 2 350 MhZ
GE FORCE 2 T200 (ABIT) LAst Nvidia drivers
Windows 98 First Edition or Windows XP Pro

Note that I encounter also the same type of error when trying to encode divX .


CCE quote it will work on a 550kHz P3 or better ONLY. I suggest you upgrade or use TMPGEnc. But be prepared to wait many hours (if not days) to complete an SVCD with TMPGEnc on a 350 CPU

Thanks .