Dvd2svcd "not enough free space.."

i am using cinema craft encoder (2.5) to encode movies and dvd2svcd.
sometimes in the midddle of the encoding proccess (usually at the 90%)
i get a massage"not enough free space…"

i have 160 GB in general and about 36GB free whan i start the encoding proccess…
encoding doesnt take more than 20 GB so what is the problem…


Temporarily space is required, mostly on the sys partition.
The error does come from CCE or dvd2svcd?

usually the error comes from the cce …first there is an error of the avisync and than comes the error about the space…and the encoding procces is stoped…
what to do?

File system Fat32 or NTFS?

dotn know what you mean?

if you mean the op’ system than it is windows xp professional…
if it has nothing to do with the op system than i dont know what do you mean…

The question was about the used Filesystem on all harddisks connected, but especially on the sys partition.

My Computer , right click on your HD & select properties. A quarter of the way down the display it’ll show File System - NTFS or FAT32.

If it says FAT32 then that’s the problem as this restricts the physical size of a single file to 4gb & DVD2SVCD will produce mpv files in excess of this size. Then on FAT32 it’ll crash with the message you’re getting.

there is anything to solve this…i have checked///and you are right…it is a filesystem FAT32…

what can i do to sove this…(beside encoding each part at a time)?

You might should check out the convert cmd, but be careful with it!!

convert /? or use Google.

  1. what do you mean “convert cmd?”
  2. this limitation is a thing that doesnt bother anyone?..how come anyone hasnt complained about it?
  3. is there anything simpler way to solve this?

As chef says, be careful.

However, I’ve run the convert several times before without a problem but if you’ve got any valuable data it would be best to save to CD-R or DVD-R(+R).

I think best to use the /Nosecurity switch otherwise you might have other issues.

Assuming it’s the C Drive to convert the command should be:-
Convert C: /FS:NTFS/Nosecurity

Also it might be best to boot in safemode.

Once done the only file size limit is actual free space so DVD2SVCD should run quite happily.

Here’s a link to the MS website. Go here

  1. TimC explained.
  2. Because no one would use an obsolete FS like FAT32 these days on HDDs.
  3. I think no.