DVD2SVCD is the best :)

DVD2SVCD is the best all in one package for ripping and converting your dvd’s into bin files ready too burn :slight_smile: As simple as that. ChickenMan told me too use this instead of another package I was using and I have never looked back. :bow:

Here is the URL, several updates as well, you will need too install them seperately ok:bigsmile:


Greetz from The Diplomat :smiley:

Glad to hear its all working well for you.

I have posted the Tuts here as well in the Tutorial section.


Originally posted by ChickenMan
[B]Glad to hear its all working well for you.

I have posted the Tuts here as well in the Tutorial section.

Cheers [/B]

Good man for the tutorials, much appreciated! Is it possible too send me by snail mail the tutorials please. Saves me hunting down the Tutorial Section, better still can you place the Tutorial link here as I would like too download this and make sure my DVD2SVCD is setup correctly, thats if you don’t mind? :wink:

Greets from The Diplomat:D

Its in a Sub-Forum from the DivX & Video Forum, bit hard to miss really.



Thanx mate this the 1st time since I joined CDfreaks I have been too tired to track it down myself. Sorry, but much appreciated. I have saved too me Desktop so I can refer and tweak the program for the best possible results.

Many thanxs The Diplomat :smiley:

Have converted many rentals to SVCD and the process is awesome leaves you bin files to burn and the original mpeg files should you wish to convert using Nero etc. Not a chance Nero produces crap results, like frame jumping. I had one prob with lip sinc on DVD2SVCD with Behind Enemy Lines, in a couple of scenes they would talk and then the voices would start after, it was quite funny so I changed some settings and converted A beautiful Mind onto 3x80min cd’s and it was spot on so I redid BEL. I used over 50 x80mins cd’s for the films I rented that many lol.:cop: But besides I have over 200 original DVD’s(How much have I spent, most costing £16?) and thats alot, so it justifies my DVD rips:bigsmile:

Greetz The Diplomat:D