DVD2SVCD encoding

I followed the tutorial on how to encode divx->dvd and its been working great. The one question I have is that most of the time it encodes the video ONCE (like it is supposed to), but on occasion it encodes TWICE. Anyone know why this may be? I use d2sroba with CCE.

D2SRoBa as your’ve seen does a few short test runs to find the correct Q factor to produce the final encode at the selected size. It occassionally get this wrong and if its anymore then 0.5% oversized or 2% undersized, it will do another rencode VBR pass which will achieve the correct size. This si normal. You can change the the under & over sizes if you wish, they are on the first screen when D2SRoBa is run. I use 1% over and 4% under.

ChickenMan, I don’t see it on the first screen. All I have is: <conditional sizing pass> limit % (default is 2.5); Q over (default is 40); and a box in between those two which is set at zero. Above that box there is <settings> cd size; sample %; threshold Q; and adjust %.

@CM: your tutorial sets the CD size at 4440. 1% over would be 4484.4 mb or a bit more that 4.7 billion bytes or a bit more than a standard DVD. ???

@rbpk: it’s the three boxes under conditional sizing. the two limits are undersizing and oversizing (q over 40 is something else). so set the first box to 2.5% and the second to 0.5% for 2,5% under and 0.5% over.

rbpk, sounds like your using an old version of D2SRoBa, I’d suggest an upgrade to the latest.

Chickenman, I just upgraded, I also accepted the requant.exe transcoder upon installation, is it good or should I have left it out?

P.S.- since I have your attention here, since I’m encoding 1 movie (but 2 seperate avi files) with this program, do you know if there is any tricks to author it to play back seamlessly?
Thank you everyone for your help.

lol, what language is that?

requant.exe, sorry never tried it out but a proper encoder will always give better quality then a transcode. It will probably be quicker though. Give it a try and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

As for the 2 encoded AVI’s, yes, just author them in TMPGEnc DVD Author but add them both to the one Track (ie do not make a new track for the 2nd file) It will complain and pop up a window, just ignor. It will then play seamlessly.

Well, I let it install requant. I haver no idea when it uses it though, if at all. I tend to leave the computer when I start a conversion.

As for the 2 avi’s; I have been joining them with Vdub and then cleaning up the extracted ac3 file with besplice. So far so good.

Thats exactly what I do mostly (I use VDubMOD though), but if that fails or probs, I just encode each separately and join them when authoring with TDA.