DVD2SVCD, encoding with D2SRoBa 2.42

Anyone here try this newer method of backing up DVD2SVCD using D2SRoBa 2.42 plug-in? Using D2SRoBa 2.42 encodes your dvd much faster than the “standard” procedure (multipass vbr4). I recently backed the Movie “Catch Me If You Can” (2:20 min.) at multi-pass vbr4 and the total encode time was 9 1\2 hours. Using D2SRoBa 2.42, it took me just 3 1\2 hours to encode and the video playback is just as equal to compared to encoding at multi-pass vbr4.

D2SRoBa 2.42: http://home.no.net/tylo/

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I havent, but have with the RoBa method thats already included in the last few versions of DVD2SVCD, just put this line (if its not there) into the DVD2SVCD.ini file

RoBa Visibel=1

and it appears as a selection in the Encoder tab if CCE is selected. Change Q factor to 35

After I applied your settings the settings in the bitrate tab folder have changed:confused: I encoded the movie and all went well except for the 2nd encoded file (cd). The file is almost 1 gig:confused: Am I missing a setting in the DVD2SVCD.ini file? Encoding time took 5 1\2 hours and I was faster using the D2SRoBa 2.42 encode method and the file size(s) came out just fine…

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There can be probs with the internal RoBo method, but works for some. I use to use it but just do VBR 1 pass as per the tute and they only take 3 hr for me. 2 pass is for 2 1/2hr movies or more.

The Q factor changes the file size, try 40 then. A lot of fidling to get it right actually thats why I think they made the Pluggin.

No dice setting Qfactor at 40 CM. Same error as 1st encode as the 2nd file is roughly 1 gigabyte. I launched D2SoBrA 2.42 and set no. of cd’s to 3, changed the QFactor back to 35 and presto , it worked:cool: Encoding time was 3 1\2 hours and the video playback is equal to multi-pass vbr4 encode method. Thanks for all your advice “wizard”, I appreciate:D

Shoey :cool: