DVD2SVCD: DIVX/XVID to SVCD with subtitles




I am converting some avis to SVCD at the moment, i use DVD2SVCD and i get very good results. However I have one question. Some of the movies i convert require their subtitles to be present. I want to encode them as permanent Subtitles. How can i make dvd2svcd use/rip the .idx + .rar subtitles that come with my xvids? If it is possible, please explain step by step.
If this isnt possible with dvd2svcd, how else can it be achieved?

Another related question:
How can i join idx+rar subtitles? Like when i have a 2 CD xvid movie i join the 2 avis with virtual dub, but how can i join the two sets of idx/rar subs?

Thanks for your help.


You need to convert the .idx/.sub files to *.srt. Use either Subrip or VOBSub to do the conversion.

VOBSub can join the idx/sub files, and Subtitle Workshop can join *.srt files.


Ok thanks.
So DVD2SVCD can rip the subs from avi+srt to permanent SVCD subs?


Yep, absolutely, I use to do that all the time with SVCD’s. Now converting to DVD, I make the subs selectable. Just convert the subs to *.srt first and all will be well :slight_smile:


I found out how to join with vobsub, but how do i convert with it?

Using SUBRIP: Is it normal that the OCR is asking for so many characters? Took me almost an hour to convert 1 subtitle set. Should i use OCR anyway? Or are bitmaps better?


Yep, OCR is the right way as *.srt subs are Text based. Sometimes they can take a while, it depends on the quality of the original bitmap graphics in the .idx/.sub set. But normally its quite quick, 10min max.


umm i have a xvid file … and a ssa file i use all tat step but one thing i still dont get is … how am i gonna join xvid and subtitle file together? please help


You dont join them, they must have the same filename except the extension and reside in the same directory. I dont know if the codec supports .ssa, mayhap you have to convert to .srt or idx/sub.