Hi Guys,

Got a not-so-nice problem with DVD2SVCD and CCE SP lately and have been searching for the answer for a while. However I didnt have any luck and if I somehow managed to just skip straight passed my answer, then i appologise for that.

My Problem is weird because some DivX files I have gotten are DivX 5.1 with vbr mp3 audio and when I try to encode them to SVCD, what I get in the end are two files where everyone sounds like a monster and the movie length is much longer. For example, I cut a 1 minute sample from virtualdub and used it in DVD2SVCD. When it got to Video Encoding, CCE SP said it was 1:12, when clearly the source is 1:00. The result is the same, monster like audio!

To make it even more strange, I got fed up of looking for an answer and re-encoded it to xvid and left the audio the same. Unfortunately CCE SP still recognised it as 1:12. So I thought it was the audio, tried decompressing it (PCM) and I even encoded it to ac3. Still had the same problem. Now I could use TMPGEnc Plus but I dont like the annoying pause it gives every second or so, that little pause u can just notice if you focus and lets face it, we’re encoders, we focus on the output :wink:

Anyway, I cant wait to hear from you guys, any input at all is appreciated! BTW, I have had this problem for a few months now, its just that my HDD is getting full and I need to start encoding these files! I dont think its a codec problem, i only install what codecs i need (using AviCodec and GSpot)

Thnx in Advance

Are you converting NTSC to PAL by any chance ?

If you load the AVI into VirtulaDUB, what does the error that pops up say? (that is assume you get an error). Have you tried loading the avi into Nandub and demuxing out the audio and converting it manualy to AC3 ?

Can you post waht GSPOT says about the avi.

Yep Converting NTSC to PAL (DVD Player wont play NTSC) but even if I untick NTSC to PAL i still get the same problem! I get no error when I open the filke in VirtualDUB. I have tried manually encoding to AC3 audio and GSpot says…

Video Codec - DX50/divx DivX 5.0

Aspect : 480 x 274 (1.752 : 1)
Birate: 883 kb/s
Framerate: 29.970 FPS (also 23.97 FPS on some files and 25.00 FPS)

Audio Format - 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3

Birate: 128 kb/s (64/ch x 2 ch) CBR
FS: 44100 Hz

Stream Type & A/V Interleave

Type: OpenDML AVI
I/L: 1 frame (33 ms), p=522 IMRR: 1.00

DirectShow Render

Source: MEDIASUBTYPE_Avi Splitter/Other: AVI Splitter
Video Media: 4cc: DX50 Video Codec: ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder
Audio Media: WAVE_FORMAT_MPEGLAYER3 (MP3) (0x0055) Audio Codec: Moonlight Odio Dekoda

Thnx for the reply! :slight_smile:

The 1 sec jerk is the result of ntsc to pal conversion, thats why I ask. You must also have the only PAL dvd player not able to playback ntsc. Check in its menu that you have PAL as its output and not Default or Auto.

The Audio stream is NOT a VBR MP3 if you get no error loading the avi into VirtualDUB, as VD cant handle vbr and will give you an error. So its just plain ordinary cbr MP3. I would start by uninstalling the Moonlight Odio Dekoda as thats whats being used to decode the mp3.

It’s not doing it anymore! I re-installed XP and for some reason that worked lol. I know why there is a slight pause in TMPGEnc, i aint that new to it, TMPGEnc and me have been best friends and worst enemys! Also a lot of the files i get have vbr mp3, its just that one file i loaded in the had cbr audio!

Well thank you very much for your help Chickenman :slight_smile: just sad that we didnt actually come to a conclusion only re-installing xp, but ah it doesnt particularly matter i guess. I wouldnt wish that problem on my worst enemy, my HDD’s were about to die from all the files loading up on em.

I could have understood the problem if it was just the NTSC to PAL ticked that was causing it but even with that left unticked i was getting the same results, pretty annoying, but over and done with now :smiley: