Dvd2svcd and tmpgenec dvd author problem

hi i have a reaaaaaaaaally bad prob. firstly my encodin was goin reallly well nothin rong, untill i formatted becasue i had problems getttin ntsc to pal. so i thought formattin might do it. any way, i encoded the avi to mpv,mp2 etc. and they r fine, i play the bbMPEG_video_01.mpg file and it plays fine, audio is fine and picture. then i use ac3 machine to convert the mp2 to ac3. it goes well in my eyes. then i use tmpgenc dvd author to make the video-ts folder and i play the IFO file with windvd and i have no audio :confused: please help someone. i dont see how it worked b4 i formatted and now it dont. thanks to anyone that helps me.

Would you believe I have just found the same problem myself after re-installing XP :frowning:

The problem lies with the MP2 to AC3 conversion, for some reason volume ends up real low to the point you cant hear it. Not good :frowning:

Solution, use Sonics SoftEncode or the AC3Conv that comes with Sonic Scenarist and convert the *.WAV to AC3 just leaving all settings at default. Works very well, just a lot slower. Its even makes a more compatable AC3 file that LG, Pioneer & Philips DVD Players like.

thank you sooooooooo much for your help man. i am soo grateful. could you please tell me how to use the progs you mentioned. cheers.:bigsmile:

I tend to use the AC3Cov.exe that comes with Scenarist.

  1. Select 2-ch Interleaved Input.

  2. Select you Encoded_audio_1.WAV file

  3. Change the output name and folder if needed.

  4. Click EDIT and change the bitrate from 192 to 224, do NOT change anything else.

  5. Click on Start.

thanks for that man. i understand your instructions on how to use the program, but do i download scenerist or woteva u call it and then use ac-3 encoder then, or jus download ac-3 encoder and use that? thanks.

hey man dont worry. my prob is sorted with the mp2 to ac3. ac3machine is fine now. one other prob tho. with tmpgenc dvd author. in the attachment i sent i get that message. very strange i never got it b4 :confused:

Yep that error is a problem with TDA, everyother Authoring program does not have a problem with the DVD2SVCD/CCE generated files. Just ignore it.

ok sure. but why is it doin it now. for everyfilm. b4 i reinstaled windows it never come up for any film. i am :confused: why is this happenin to everyfilm now and not b4???

I really dont know. :frowning: I have never seen the error message myself while others see it all the time. Must depend on what else is installed on your system.

yep that is definatly weird. because i installled ALL the software that was on my system b4 i reinstalled windows. so it is the same. and i have them problems. very strange. btw do you recomend a better dvd authoring software?? or is TDA the best?

TDA is one of the simplest and easyiestto use for the simple task of AVI to DVDR authoring. However, one of the real gems of authoring is DVD Maestro. There is almost nothing it cant do and is simple to use. DVDLab is also good but only can include 1 audio track but no Subtitles.

ok thanks for all your help chickenman. i will try out dvd maestro, one thing, will it make a difference wot i use. as in TDA and DVD Maestro?? thanks again!

does the error message on TDA actually mean wot it says, as in meaning not dvd compliant, so it will not be able to play on every dvd player. is this true chicken man??

I only use TDA for AVI conversion (as per my Tute) but I never get that error meassge coming up and I have tested mine on a dozen or so DVD Players and they all play fine.

But for all other Authoring I use Maestro as its just far more extensive with features that I need at times ( Subtitles, 2 audio tracks, etc).

Generally I have found IFOEdit authored movie have poor compatability (specially NTSC stuff). Have problems on some players if using Scenarist but have not found any problems from Maestro, TDA or DVDLab. The burning software & its settings is also critical to 100% playability. Never had a problem with Maestro & Nero as per my Tute.

im sorry but that didnt really answer my question. lol. i asked if i ignore the bitrate error message will it make a diff if the error message never showed? thanks.


ok thanks man. thanks for all ur help :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: