DVD2SVCD and audio sync

I hope someone can help with this problem. I’ve searched the forum been through all the tutorials but still I can’t convert my AVIs correctly. I have only tried 2 (both downloaded from internet) but I must be doing something horribly wrong.

The problem is that after conversion the audio is not in sync with the video. After trying various things it turns out the problem is that running DVD2SVCD stretches the length of the video. The original AVI plays fine 21:53 minutes long but after conversion the M2V and MPG are 26:12 long.

The AVI does have VBR audio so I tried using VirtualDubMod and saving the AVI with the audio uncompressed. That AVI still plays OK, but after conversion the generated MPG length is 26:12. The audio has been stretched to fit. Almost good but because the video is 25% longer the audio is really slurred.

I have also tried DivXRepair but it says there’s nothing wrong.

Any ideas? I must be missing something, but for the live of I can’t see what.

Thanks. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Can you post the properties of the AVI’s you have. Use GSPOT to get the Video & Audio properties.

Also, are you ticking the NTSC to PAL box in DVD2SVCD ?

There’s quite a lot of attributes. The important, I hope, ones are:-

Stream Type and A/V Interleave:
Type OpenDML AVI IMRR 0.30
1 aud frame (26 ms), p=496 Split: No
4CC = xcid
Runtime = 00:21:53 (39,356 fr) x:y 480X360 (1.33:1)[=4:3]
Bitrate 1002 kb/s FPS 29.970 Qf 0.193 bits/pixel
1 stream in MP3
Bitrate 106 kb/s (53/ch stereo) VBR LAME3.92 Fs44100 hz

Stream Type and A/V Interleave
Type OpenDML AVI IMRR 1.00
I/L 1 vid fram (42 ms), p=480 Split: No
01:49:43 (157,831 fr) x:y 586*320 (1.80:1)[=9:5]
Bitrate 747 kb/s FPS 23.976 Qf 0.169 bits/pixel
1 stream in MP3
Bitrate 137 kb/s (68/ch stereo) VBR LAME3.92 Fs48000 hz

Having looked at the attributes they are completely different. Film1 is definitely coming out longer after the conversion. I’ll run DVD2SVCD on the second one again to check, that’s what really is happening. Shame it takes so long.

Yes I am ticking NTCS to PAL but I’ve also tried it without and got the same result.

Film1 is an Xvid at 29.97 fps. Converting to 25 fps PAL will ALWAYS make it longer using DVD2SVCD. Solition, dont convert to PAL, 99% of PAL DVD Players will playback NTSC just fine. The Audio for Film1 is also 44.1 Khz and that will need to be manually converted to 48 khz for DVD Playback to work. Only the MP2 converted audio file will have the time stretch applied as well so if you convert the WAV to AC3, sync will be out. Use ffMPEG to convert the MP2 @ 44.1 to AC-3 @ 48 Khz.

Film2 is at 23.976 fps and will get a bit shorter if converted to PAL also. Audio is at 48 so nothing to do there.

Thanks ChickenMan, that was the problem.

I had assumed that I wanted PAL because I was going to play the DVDs on a UK PS2, but NTSC worked fine. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: