Hi everyone! I really need some help regarding the use of dvd2svcd with CANOPUS PRO CODER to encode divx to dvd. My only doubt is in dvd2svcd when you select CANOPUS as your encoder there’s also an option to put the path to VFAPI, ok this is not a problem cause i have it, the problem is when i start the encoding right after the audio conversion ( You all know that DVD2SVCD does everything for you right?? Converts audio, video and then muxes it all together) as i was saying after the audio conversion DVD2SVCD opens VFAPI and here is my problem… When using DVD2SVCD with other encoder like Tmpgenc or C.C.E. after the audio job it goes directly to the encoder to start the encoding but with CANOPUS goes first to VFAPI. What do i have to do here?? Remember that i’m converting a DIVX to DVD so i don’t understand why VFAPI. Please really need some help.
Thanks to you all in advance;)