DVD2SVCD 1.2.1 build3 is online

New version of DVD2SVCD v 1.2.1 build 3 is now availble from http://www.dvd2dvd.org

Change log is:

11 oct 2003 version 1.2.1 build 3

  • Bug fix: When I added Forced Subtitles support I broke the preview when subtitles was enabled.
  • Bug fix: Also, when using Forced Subtitles more often than not there’d only be subtiltes on one of the CD’s (svcd), and that meant that not all the CD Images were built.
  • Bug fix: If “open the most recent project” in “Scenarist/Settings/preferences/Starting up” was selected then no images would be made and dvd2svcd would stall.
  • Bug fix: Also, the titlebar in Scenarist Pro varies. Sometimes it would say “movie0.scn - Scenarist Pro” and sometimes “movie0 - Scenarist Pro”. The missing “.scn” in the latter was not taken into account so Scenarist Pro would not create the dvd image.
  • Bug fix: The “Index out of bounds” error in querying IMDB has been fixed.
  • Bug fix: The “No Color Conversion” selection fro CCE was ignored in the previous version. That has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: There was a bug in the Scenarist Script creation which meant that PAL movies could be created with NTSC flags which again meant that some DVD Players couldn’t play the DVDs.
  • Bug Fix: The GOP N/M values for CCE wasn’t reset properly between DVD and SVCD settings.
  • Bug Fix: CDMage is once again executed properly.

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