DVD2SVCD 1.0.8 Build 1!



Freeware DVD2SVCD is a completely automated frontend for converting DVD, PVA and AVI files to SVCD. By completely automated, I mean, you just select the file or DVD you want converted and hit GO, everything else is taken care of by the frontend.



Nice program. Now I only need a DVD-ROM and some DVD-discs… :slight_smile:
Copy and paste from Warp2Search eh? :smiley:


sounds nice:)

downloading it now to check it.



This works perfect
Been using 107 4 now and the quality is great.
Recommended to everybody who wants to backup dvd’s


Anyone knows where to get Cinema Craft Encoder 2.50 full version and higher?

You need this damn thing to use DVD2SVCD and I can’t find the full version, the one I use now leaves a crap CCE logo on the movie :Z

Thanks, I appreciate your help :smiley: