dvd2oneX: standalone wont play D2OX copied discs



anybody has an idea why a dvd-r copied with dvd2oneX wont play but other dvd-r discs i copied with other apps play well?

player: kenwood dvf-3550
dvd-recoder: pioneer a04 (superdrive)

i ripped the dvd (Matrix) with OSEx as image, then mounted it, selected VIDEO_TS and started DVD2OneX, then burned dvd with toast.

the dvd-r’s that work were copied by ripping with OSEx to elementary streams, reEncoded with mediapipe and authored with dvd studio pro…

on another standalone player the dvd-r plays well, same on the sofware dvd player.

so, anyone can tell me why this dvd2one copied disc doesnt doesnt play on my kenwood while other dvd-r do?


If the disks play ok in the PC’s reader and in another standalone, it’s unlikely that Dvd20ne has anything to do with it.

A few things to consider :

It could be you are using a new batch of media, that is not compatible with your Kenwood player or it could be your burning format is different, when using toast, as opposed to your Authoring method.

I’m not familiar with toast, but try to ensure you are using udf 1.02 .


Did you try copying the Matrix using your old method? This should be done to make sure it’s not an issue with that particular DVD. I thought I recall the Matrix being an odd DVD.

DVD Studio Pro is a pretty good muxer. This can effect how compatible your movie will be on different players.

How does your final movie play from the hard drive using DVD Player? Also, you should be using the same media as before.

Toast shouldn’t be a factor.

My biggest concern with DVD2One is the mux part for DVD player compatibility. I tried a few utilities that do the mux instead of DVDSP and it didn’t turn out. I only backed up one DVD so far with DVD2One, and so far so good.


@ moegreen

I might be mistaken here, but, as far as I know, Dvd20ne only transcodes (compresses) the vobfiles, it doesn’t demux/mux anything.


so it’s unlikely that it’s the media i think.

i dont blame dvd2one that the dvd-r doesnt play on my kenwood. i just wonder why those old copies do work and this dvd2one copy doesnt.

cause like u wrote dvd2one does no demuxing or reencoding as far as i know.

dvd-r was burned in UDF format. and it can’t be toast, cause the old copies were authored with dvd studio pro but then wrote as an image to disk and burned with toast too.


Originally posted by Phil Thomas
[B]@ moegreen

I might be mistaken here, but, as far as I know, Dvd20ne only transcodes (compresses) the vobfiles, it doesn’t demux/mux anything. [/B]

Huh… That’s interesting. So it just recompresses the VOB and then puts in new IFO info? That makes sense since the chapters are intact.

If that’s the case, then very cool.

To the guy with the matrix, I’d try copying it using the OSex and DVDSP and see if it plays right. Or at least try doing different movies with DVD2ONE.


@ moegreen

Yep it’s pretty clever, that’s why it’s so damned quick !!

@ tagedieb

I’m beginning to wonder whether it is the media that’s causing this. If your old copies were done some time ago, even if you are using the same brand, it’s possible that dye changes have taken place, which now renders them incompatible.

I had so many problems with media, in my early days and decided some time back, only to use Ritek disks, as these seem to have far greater compatibility with a wide range of standalones. I now use Traxdatas most of the time.

Out of interest, what ones are you using ? also, what happens when you try the disks in your Kenwood ? do they not load or freeze ?


Mate… You need to burn AUDIO_TS aswell… I bet that your dvd doesn’t have this folder… Some stand alone dvd players dont care if this folder is in the dvd, others wont even play without this folder!!!



the media i used is not only from the same brand as the working ones… i bought them in a 20 pieces pack and they are from the same pack.

the dvd-r’s are from intenso (1x speed), never had problems with them before.


i know about the AUDIO_TS issue with some players and i my dvd-r has that folder included.

but do i have to copy an existing AUDIO_TS folder from a dvd or can i create an empty one?



forgot to answer the load/freeze question…

they do not load.


hmmmmm. I must say I was never very lucky with Intenso disks, but maybe you have been lucky.

IMO you cant beat a good Ritek disk for movies. I have used cheaper stuff for data/mp3’s etc., but movies demand a lot out of a disk and compatibility is also an issue, with standalones.

I would suggest picking up a few Riteks and try them, before looking too much further into possible Hardware/Software issues.
It’s dead easy to try a different disk and eliminate or confirm the media issue.

I have used literally hundreds of riteks, without a problem and the 104 loves them.


Any AUDIO_TS is fine. u can create new one. Did u let OSX DVD player authenticate the movie before using OSEX in it?


just to let you know… i bought a dvd-rw (verbatim) to make some more tries with dvd2oneX.

i still didnt tested “matrix” again, but “we were soldiers” runs perfectly on my player. so i gues it really was the media.
i will make another test with matrix this night or tomorrow to check if it could be that there was a special problem with “matrix”.

thanks :slight_smile:


Glad you got it sorted.

9 times out of 10 it is a media problem, but it is possible that the menu of “The Matrix” may be non standard and causing it.

Let us know how you get on, when you redo it.