DVD2oneX slower in Constant ratio?



The only small problem I have noticed with DVD2oneX is that the process is slower when selecting “Consatnt” ratio. Although “Variable” is, as I understand it, an older method it is significantly faster by about 2X.

Does anyone else find this?

or do I need to source the problem on my system.

-Mac G4/450 - 512 RAm
-OS 10.2.6
-Lacie (Pioneer DVD-RW…DVR-106D - Firewire)

Thanks for any help!



Constant ratio indeed uses more CPU power than variable ratio, so if you have a ‘slow’ CPU you will notice the difference.
So there is nothing wrong.



Erwin, any chance to get my second CPU off its lazy butt? :slight_smile:


Thanks Erwin, I thought (but wasn’t sure) that was the case.