DVD2oneX problem

As I tried to decode directly from DVD2oneX I noticed that DVD2oneX did not accept copy protected DVD’s. Therefor I decoded in both OSeX and DVDBackup 1.3.

Good so far, but now when I choose those ripped files in DVD2oneX they do not seem to be recognized by DVD2oneX ???

That means that the start button is blacked out and no files show in the window (But when schoosing the VOB files from the DVD they get recognized)

Tried both the VOB files from OSeX and DVDBackup 1.3 with no result.

Whaz up ??? :confused:

Have you got an ifo file in your folder too, as Dvd20ne requires this ?

Did you play the movie in DVD Player for a few seconds? DVD Backup dosent decode the region unless it is first played in the DVD player. Try that first then try to decode…