dvd2oneX Problem - DVD gets to big (4,5 GB) ! (Die another day)

I tried Discopy with all Audio of the DVD “Die Another Day” but the file gets to big!
It ends ab with 4,5 GB when max should be around 4,4.
When I let it run a second time through DVD2oneX it fits on a DVD but the quality is very bad (Block-Artefacts).

I set the size manually to 3,99 GB - No change the resultign DVD gets a size of around 4, 5 GB.

It only fits on a Disc when I drop 2 of the 3 Englisch audiotracks - but if possible I really would like to keep them.

Any idea of how to solve this problem?

You already gave your own answer. These 3 sound tracks are rather big (one is a DTS if i’am correct)

Either lower the endsize some more, or remove a language track.

Have you tried a movie only version? Because then there’s no real need for that commentary track.

I am going to guess that you are using toast to burn, some brands of DVD-R (and there is no preference here from cheapest to most expensive), for some reason have very small differences in the amount of data toast is willing to burn with. A case in point: Maxells generally need no adjustment from DTOX, whereas, BeAll (a Samsung brand) need to have a user defined output in DTOX, I just put in 4444 and all is well.