DVD2oneX not recognizing Video_TS folder



Hey all,

I am on the Mac and have backed up quite a few movies successfully. However I am having trouble backing up Barton Fink. I have ripped the movie using DVD Backup and have all the files. (there are 35 files going all the way up to VTS_08_1.VOB) . When I select the Video_TS folder DVD2oneX does nothing. It acts as if no folder has been selected. I can play the movie using Apple DVD player just fine from the hard drive.

Any Ideas, I am stumped. :confused:

Also I am having trouble with the Animatrix as well. It will process all the way to the end and then tell me that I need to copy all the file for disc copy mode. I have all the files.


You can try using OSEx in DVD Image mode to back it up. It works a little differently from DVD Backup, and works with DTOX at times when DVD Backup doesn’t…


Sell your MAC, buy a PC, buy an MS OS, buy DVD2One, use Smartripper in backup mode. :wink:



Nice troll there, buddy. . . wait, nevermind, it was pretty dumb.


Well, OSeX Didn’t work on the Animatrix. I made a disc image and DTOX still tells me i need all the files for a disc copy.

I’ll have to try OSeX on Barton Fink.


Did you try with the new version of DVD2OneX? 1.1.0 just came out today, and might work better. Some DVDs are just mastered in such a way that DVD2One chokes on them. DVDSP projects are a good example.