DVD2oneX - incorrect size of user defined movie

Awesome app first off…

Secondly, I was trying to get a DVD into the size of a CD (700MB) to see if I can backup my DVD onto a CD and see the quality.

Anyhoo, I made the user defined size to 695MB and selected the correct video file and english audio track.

All ripped fine, but the final size of the VIDEO_TS folder was 1.17GB. Kind of a far cry from 695MB.

Is this a glitch? Is there a minimum size? what up?

OSX 10.2.5
DVD2oneX 1.0

Originally posted by zorgaliscious

…Secondly, I was trying to get a DVD into the size of a CD (700MB) to see if I can backup my DVD onto a CD and see the quality…

DVD2One can only copy DVD´s to DVD-/+RW !

Use another programm if you transcode a DVD to a CD (DivX , VCD or SVCD).

See you

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And most likely the SOUNDTRACK is more then half of the desired endsize.
(a single ac3 track can use up to 500Mb space, which leaves 200 MB for 2 hours video…)

Not a smart choice if i may say so… :slight_smile:

so, there is a minimum size?

I really wanted to see if I could fit a DVD to 700MB and view it on a CD with DVD Player. Just for shits n giggles.

About transcoding to another codec (DIVX, etc), is there any plans to have that integrated?

There was a great app (iff quality at times though) called Fortytwo for MacOS X that did a great job of directly encoding from DVD to DIVX file. Uses opensource components to work.


Dont waste your time.

Even if you succeeded, the quality would be worse than a 1950’s TV reception. Just work it out 4-5 gigs of movie into 200mb, with a 500mb soundtrack.

I think it’s a case of more shit than giggles :bigsmile:

hahahaha :bigsmile:

well, given that compressed to 1.17GB the quality of video is still EXCELLENT (full screen on a 22inch Cinema Display, 1600x1024) I really would like to see how good it is if it could all be brought down to fit on a CD 700MB.


“EXCELLENT” hmmmmmm. now there’s a word. :wink:

I suppose if you are going to be satisfied with VCD quality & below, then play with it more.

You could try running the Dvd20ne output through DVDShrink, on a PC (sorry ReneB) and try stripping and cropping some more.
You never know, you might fit 2 x films on a CDR :bigsmile:

there’s a way… actually. Well, u have 1.17gb dvd… but the audio must be 400 MB… create a disc image of that dvd with toast. Mount it and use OSEX with it to demux the vob. Convert the AC3 to wav or aiff and use DVD Studio Pro A.Pack to create a new AC3 Mono (or stereo) file… this should reduce the size of it to 1/4 or 1/3 of the original. than author the dvd with dvd studio pro. AND thats the best i can remember!!!

i just thought of something quite dumb but worth trying… running DVD2oneX on the outputted file of the original compression.

That should be fun.

Or, does the audio not get compressed again at all?

Anyway, I’ll try it out now anyway

Audio stays untouched with DVD2one

ok, comes down to 965MB, but the video quality sucks quite a bit. Looks like a low quality DIVX.

Ah well…

DVD2one will never ever become a compressor for other formats then DVD. We will not get into the DiVX/Quicktime what ever business.
It’s just not really our cup’o tea :slight_smile:

I also have the wish to burn the final results on a CD and understand why it wouldn’t really work well, if you try to fit everything on ONE CD…


I there a way, to split the VIDEO_TS folder up into 2 parts? To have two CD-Rs, each one with half of the movie on it?

I’d use my iBook to play it back with the DVD-Player Software, so I don’t care about the format (doesn’t have to be VCD at all)…

How can I create seperate VIDEO_TS folders , with each a maximum size of 700 MB???

If I can’t put the results on CD-Rs, DVD2one is pretty useless for me…



Then i’ll guess DVD2one will be pretty useless for you, sorry…

DVD2one is a product made to make a backup of your DVD-9 disc on a DVD-recordable. No more no less.

We never intended to make CD support, and most likely never will do that either.