DVD2OneX Guide



For anyone that has questions on how to operate DVD2OneX check out http://homepage.mac.com/tgpo I’ve created a simple to follow guide that’ll help you with this great program.

Just a note: Thank you so much for porting DVD2One to the mac. It is a great program and ya’ll did a great job, keep it up!


Thank you! found this link very useful. plus i didn’t want this to drop off the front page just yet. probably a few more Mac users looking for a nice, clean guide.


I’m glad it helped you, and hope that everyone finds it easy to use and understand.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I discovered that if you have a bullet (•, option-8) in your path, DVD2oneX won’t recognize the files and you can’t do anything.

I had a bullet in my path to prevent Retrospect from backing up that directory, and after I removed it, I was able to try out DVD2oneX.


That tends to happen with many programs for some reason. With the program Forty-Two, you can’t have spaces in your directory structure.


I’m about to post a new guide on what to do if the DVD is under 4.4GB, how to back it up and all. It’ll be up later today.


It seems a lot of people are still having problems burning. If you need instructions on proper burning then simply check out the guide. This is a great program, and is so easy to use.


Just some remarks for burning. (with Toast) You don’t have to make the AUDIO_TS folder if you only use AC-3 (dolby digital) audio. Most commercial DVD’s don’t even have one. I have made MANY DVD’s without any AUDIO_TS folder and they all play very well in 5 different players. (sony, pioneer, jvc, panasonic, cyberhome)
F.i. music DVD’s with DTS/PCM audio need the AUDIO_TS folder.


The AUDIO_TS folder isn’t used for PCM or DTS either. DTS and PCM are multiplexed right in with the video the same as AC3 or MPEG 1 Layer II audio.

The AUDIO_TS folder is used for DVD Audio disc’s, which hasn’t caught on.

I still put the empty AUDIO_TS folder on the disc just on the off chance there is a player out there that expects to see it.


You’re absolutely right Squished. I was mistaken. But that leaves the empty AUDIO_TS folder. I have been looking for a commercial DVD-video with a AUDIO_TS folder and did not find a single one. And have been searching 250 DVD’s so far! Old and new ones. They all must be compatibel with ‘all’ standalone players I think. OK, if I make my own DVD’s in DVD Studio Pro, I always get a empty audio folder. But if all the commercial DVD’s have no audio folder why putting in an empty one yourself?
my 2 cents…


I haven’t found a DVD Audio disc yet either. I have a Panny DVD changer that says it supports the DVD Audio format, so if I ever find one, I’ll try it. Not likely though, I’m not a big music collector.

I put the empty AUDIO_TS folder on the disc just because of a few reports on other forums that some players fail to play DVD-R’s without them. I personally have never had that happen, and it is very likely those reports were from people who made other screwups, but since it only adds a couple seconds to the authoring process, and no space… what can it hurt?


I tried to access your guide for DVD2OneX and it said the page was gone do you still have it