DVD2OneX fails on DVD Studio Pro files

DVD2OneX will not process DVD files or folders that have been created by DVD Studio Pro, either in “movie only” or “disc copy” modes.

Such a shame, as this would be a great way to create custom DVDs without worrying about the 4.4 GB ceiling – just assemble them all, make a menu, build, and let DVD2OneX get it down to a one-disc size…

I see a topic elsewhere on this board where PC users figured out a workaround (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=65935&perpage=25&pagenumber=2). If anyone successfully figures out how to run DTOX on DVDSP files with no CSS/Macrovision/Region coding set, please post the magic formula here!

Many thanks.

I had the same problem. Thirteen movies in my hard drive over 4.7 GB all processed by DVD studio pro. DVD2one can’t handle it.
Have no idea why, MAYBE ERWIN, RENE or JACK can come out with an idea. (I do not want to rent 13 movies again!!!)


We are certainly going to look into this manner. MAC is very new for us, but we are going to try and find a solution for this!

This is GREAT! Thanks Rene. I just thought I’d throw in that the same thing happens in DVD2oneX with DVD Files authored by ffmpegX and Sizzle. I have a feeling that by fixing one, you’ll fix them all. This is very good news.

Have you guys tried making the output of FCP3 a disk image using toast or disk copy and then mounting it and using OSeX or DVDBackup 1.3 to run it through, just to remove anything that may still be on as a form of encryption. And then finally running it through DTOX? It might work and I will try it out later.


Rene, yes, it would be a terrific thing to get DVD2OneX working on DVD files created by Mac programs, especially DVD Studio Pro.

Sure, the majority of DVD2One users are going to be doing relatively straight transfers of movies off commerical DVDs, one would imagine. But there’s a fair number of folks out there who like to assemble their own combinations of extras or episodes (e.g., TV shows that come on 4.7 GB discs…one could combine two discs-worth together onto one new disc).

There is no IFOedit equivalent on the Mac, so we need to physically reconstruct video files using DVDSP, Sizzle, or other programs if we want to change the disc structure.

It’s often the case with me that I’ll want to have a disc with a movie and one extra, and will discard a lot of the other extras. I can do this in DVD Studio Pro, and create a menu, etc. How nice it would be to then run the whole thing back under DVD2One to shrink – oops! didn’t mean to use that word – squash it to 4.7 GB size.

And I work with original short films, assembling them on discs for student and experimental filmmakers, and it would save me a huge amount of time on those projects.

Saving time is good – more time to watch movies!

DVD2OneX is a wonderful program – I’ve been pining away for software that would let me back up foreign-language films and preserve the subtitles. I love the way I can choose specific audio/subtitles tracks – often eliminating some of the audio is enough to fit the film on a disc without compression.

Love it.

Just in case anyone’s interested, I just repeated the test I posted back on 3/31/03. Basically, every-thing’s the same, except I’m using DVD2oneX version 1.0.1 instead of DVD2one version 1.1.1.

  1. DVD2oneX stops compressing at 99%, reporting ‘encrypted data’ found in the last second of the last VOB.
  2. I then ran SmartRipper 2.4.1 in Virtual PC set to ‘key check once’. SmartRipper took an hour to rip these files. At 99%, SmartRipper reported finding 2 blocks of ‘encrypted data’.
  3. I then ran DVD2oneX again and it successfully compressed the 3.99GB files down to 2.92GB in 12 minutes.

Whatever it is, it’s in the last second of video, and it’s 2 blocks in size. Good hunting? I don’t know what else to say :confused:

To A@ron, yes I tried all that last month, didn’t work. For now, it appears that the only program in the world that works is SmartRipper. Too bad SmartRipper doesn’t run on a Mac.