dvd2oneX demo

i’ve decrypted a movie using OSEx. i’ve put the video and audio files in a folder titled, VIDEO_TS.

when i open dvd2oneX (demo) and select this as the source directory, nothing happens. it is not being recognized. i read HELP, and my screen looks exactly the same.

any suggestions?


Did you choose as Format (“Fmt” button) in 0SEx “DVD Folders”? If not, you should do so.

no, digitalmac said to select Elem. Streams. i’ll try again using dvd folders.

Just a little FYI, I’ve had problems with OSEx’s DVD Folder format backups, whereby video glitches would show up in the backed up files that weren’t there in the original. I was using the VLC method in the options. They don’t show up when I use DVD Backup 1.3, and so I would recommend using that, or OSEx in DVD Image format (which takes longer, but produces good results). DVD Backup is available here: http://www.wormintheapple.gr/macdvd/DVDbackup.html.

that worked, oh wise one…thanx