DvD2OneX Crashing at 56%

I have done about 4 or 5 discs so far with DTOX and all are great…the only one i am having a problem with is Six Feet Under Disc 3…All other discs of the series worked fine but disc 3 crashes at 56% of the time. In this case, i used DvDbackup 1.3 to rip the disc. Also tried ripping the disc with version 1.2, but same results. I saw a similar post with users having troubles like this. Is there a workaround? or are some dvd just harder than others?


I had the same problem with that same Disc on the Win XP version. I tried Dvd2one DVd95copy and they both failed.

The only program that proccessed it was InstantCopy.

Sometimes, DVD Backup gives me problems and I resort to doing an image from OsEx.

Give that a try.


i have used Osex, but i would usually use it to rip elemtary streams, then rebuild with DvD Studio Pro…

is there a way to rip with Osex so i am left with VIDEO_TS folder that i can then compress with DTOX?

I suppose i could use DTOX to do a single episode at a time and just use a single dvd-r for each espisode, Disc 3 is only 3 episodes…it’s just that the other 3 disc’s worked just fine, just seeing if there is a way to get Disc 3 to go along :slight_smile:

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

yes, you can use OSex to rip out DVD Folders, or an image.

I usually do the following:

Use OsEx to rip out a Toast compatible DVD Image. Instead of selecting element streams, select DVD Image, or Folders. I do Image because sometimes OSex crashes on me when doing Folders.

After it’s done, I usually mount the .img file with Toast. Then point DTOX to the VIDEO_TS folder on the mounted image…

That’s it… and hope this helps.

Insert DVD -> Let it rock -> Open OSEX -> In the ‘FMT’ menu, select DVD FOLDERS. You will get the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.