DVD2oneX 1.0.1 What's new?

DVD2oneX has Been updated from 1.00 to 1.0.1. What has changed? I have not used the new version yet, but it looks the same. :rolleyes:

have a look here http://www.dvd2one.com/revision.php
Now on version 1.1.3

Nope that’s the release history of DVD2one win32.

The change in X from 1.00 to 1.01 is made a long time ago. (actually 1 day after release!)

DVD2oneX V1.0.1 for Mac OS-X

There was a small problem with the validation of user names with special characters, because the Mac by default uses a different extended ASCII set than Windows does. This problem has been fixed now.

I’ve been so busy using the original from the first day that I hadn’t noticed the update until now. I actually was looking to see if there was an update. :bigsmile: