Dvd2One X all messed up

It had been working perfectly for me, creating perfect backups. Now it just creates 3 or 4 .vob files and that is ALL. Nothing else in the Video_TS folder. Obviously this is not playable on my computer or on a DVD player. What is going on? It doesn’t give any error messages, and it finishes the job just like normal. Its just that there are only 3 or 4 files and the total size is around 3 gig??? I use DVD backup to copy the originals and the Video_TS folder that it creates is fine. All of the files are there and the movie can be played on my computer. Then I use DVDtoOneX to process these files and it only creates 3 or 4 .vob files.
I deleted and reinstalled the software twice and it still does it. I am pretty frustrated with the whole thing. What should I do?

Well, it works fine this end, not crap, as far as I’m concerned … have used it on dozens of films, without a problem.

When you say it only ptoduces a few .vob files, it sounds as though the program is not finishing properly, as it writes the VIDEO_TS.ifo/.bup & VTS.ifo’s at the end of the process.

If the demo works, but the full version doesn’t, there must be a problem with your setup somewhere.

What are your specs ? i.e processor/ram/HDD etc., as from what you say about the demo working ok (shorter output), I wonder if your PC is short on resources or Hard Disk space.

yep, that is it. i didn’t have enough HD space left. THANK YOU!!! I have tried EVERYTHING and it was as simple as that.

No problem.

It’s always the simple things we overlook. I reckon we are conditioned to look for more complex problems, after years of Bill Gates proggies :smiley:

a PC would have told you that :bigsmile:

sorry couldnt resist that one.

Originally posted by fattypack
[B]a PC would have told you that :bigsmile:

sorry couldnt resist that one. [/B]

No, a PC would probably have given you the blue screen of death…