DVD2One, wont run

Hi guys,

I have a machine with Athlon 900 Mhz and 512 RAM, and i downloaded the trial version of DVD2One, but just when i press Start, appear a windows that say: “An Error Ocurred with this program, Windows will close program”

Im running WinXP Pro just installed, i dunno if i need any drivers or something additional to make it work.

Please help me to can RUN DVD2One… Thanks

Have you checked your machine for virusses and such? Most of the times when stuff like that occurs the exe is infected with a virus or such.

You need to provide more info for anyone to help :

Describe your procedure, prior to pressing the Start buttin… i.e how are you ripping it … what ripper software etc.

“XP Pro just installed”

Have you updated to at least Service Pack 1?

Do you run a utility to stop or delete ADware & Spyware? If not, then I thoroughly recommend you do so.

To repeat from a previous thread:

“dvd2one exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close”

This is the XP safety mechanism kicking in to stop the machine from locking up. AKA BSOD. It does NOT mean that DVD2One is at fault. The problem resides elsewhere within XP itself.

I dunno why, but my problem was RIPPING movie, using DVDDecrypter 3.1.5, after of extract movie in File Mode, DVD2One wont get it to convert (at least with me) and extracting only MAIN MOVIE it crashes EVERYTIME in 20% (doesnt matter which version of DVD2one)

DVD2One only will get files extracted in IFO Mode and only in MOVIE-ONLY option, i couldnt never work with FULL MOVIE…

This morning i tried with SmartRipper and all worked OK with DVD2One in FULL MODE and in MOVIE-ONLY, it was great. dunno if new version of DVD Decrypter has a bug since its NEW.

Well thanks to everybody !!!