DVD2one vs. Instant Copy 7

Well a few days ago my Pinnacle Instant Copy 7 arrived and i wasn’t impressed at all, yes it copys the full Dvd with menus but it lacks in speed and Quality my findings are that i was able to get the same quality as DVD2one(with 2 Languages selected) with Pinnacle Instant Copy 7(but, with only 1 language selected) so i have no doubt that as soon as Erwins ups his DVD2one with full menu support he’ll win the battle, it’s nice to see a single person(reminds me of Bill Gates) have the success that he deserves!

Sorry, but i tried IC and i’m not happy with the programm!
It’s slooooooooooooooooooooooooow and the quality of the dvd i copied
( Disney’s Peter Pan ) is not so good as the one i copied with dvd2one!! I stick with dvd2one because IC has so many bugs, is so slooooooooooooooooooooooooow and the quality is not so good!!
No i just can say one thing Instantcopy sucks!!

I cancelled my IC order with J&R cuz it is backordered. I realized that I do not need it and DVD2One is better for what I want to do.

It all comes down to your preferences regarding menus and extras. If you just want the movie and don’t care all that much about the rest, then DVD2One is probably the best tool right now.

If you do like the extras and menus and desperately want to keep them, then you have two options, IC7 or DVDxCopy. DVDxCopy will give you two disks, but top quality. IC7 will give you one disk, with less quality.

As far as movie quality goes, DVDxCopy is perfect because it is a 100% copy, but on 2 DVD’s.

DVD2One and IC7 have supporters for their movie quality on both sides. Basically if you have a lot of extras on IC7, your movie will have less space and the quality will drop.

So there are your options, it comes down to what you want, and there are 3 good tools to do them.

“I want perfect copy with menus and don’t care how many disks!” DVDxCopy

“I want one disk, but I don’t care about the menus just want all size available allocated to the movie so it can looks as good as possible” DVD2One

“I want my movie to act like the original with menus and extras, and I want it on one disk.” IC7.

Of course there are other options, (CCE etc) but these are the easy commercial offerings.

And now theres DVD95copy! Promises speed and menus! Time will tell, but I wasn’t impressed with the speed or quality of IC! DVD2One is still at the top!

How important are menus and extas though to most people?

Not very IMHO, OK you get the odd DVD with some excellent extras that are well worth watching again (Lawrence of Arabia instantly comes to mind for me) but most are pants! You may watch them once if they are any good, on most you may not even bother.

For me the issue is quality/speed & reliabilty in the prog I use. I tried IC 7 and was not impressed with the finished film quality (Windtalkers), I downed the quality on the extras to 50% to up the quality of the film and lost all the subs and kept only the English audio and still had several problems with the final outcome. Subs kept coming up even though I never copied them too!

Processed the film with DVD2one and for ME the quality was fantastic without the hassle, without the long wait and of course without the extras!

Each to their own of course but extras are a thing I can easily do without if I can obtain the quality from DVD2one that I desire. 14 DVD2one produced DVDR’s later I am one happy bunny! :smiley: