DVD2ONE vs DVD Shrink

I know this forum says no DVD Shrink posting but what i have to say is more about DVD2ONE.
I just did the move the Matrix using DVD2ONE and also did it on DVD Shrink for comparison purposes i used DVD2ONE Version 1.0.2 and DVD Shrink Version 1.3
After it was all said and done and with an audience of 8 people over my house not knowing which was which i asked them all for thier opinion, here is the conclusion
DVD2ONE did come out the winner…! The people over have no idea of what DVD Backup is about either…! I simple asked them which movie was clearer.
Yes DVD Shrink is FREE and is a good program and has a few more options, however if i was a betting man i will put my money on DVD2ONE to win this battle.!
The only thing is after reading this board and hearing some negative remarks about the new version i will stick with my Version 1.0.2 but i am anxiously waiting for a new bug free version and then i will release my $42.00 Keep up the good work…!

DVD2ONE is well worth the money. I have the lastest version 1.1.2 and have not had any problem at all. The video is great and it plays on all my players. I watch it on a 46" Mitsubishi TV with Pioneer DVD player and am acceptionally pleased with the quality. Since the new version fixed the layer break on full copy I don`t get the momentary pause in the middle of the movies.

Yes i agree, however i feel his next upgrade will be a big one and that everyone will be having to buy new liscenses. All this hype over DVD Shrink is only because it is FREE. But if it quality that you are after then people better think about only using DVD2ONE. One last question however might make just get the new version now, is the quality even better on Version 1.1.2 than that of 1.0.2 ?

I think the newer version does make some slight improvements in quality. Rene said that they had improved the transcoder engine just a bit. I`m sure when the next version comes out there will be even more improvements in the engine. It would be hard for me to tell the difference in the original and the copied version as it is right now.

I had a similar experience - trying to compare DVD2ONE 1.1.1. and Instant Copy 7 for the movie Matrix.

DVD2ONE worked flawlessly, while IC-7 wouldn’t work in any of my standalones nor any of my computers.

I think if we are patient, DVD2ONE will prove to be our “sharpest tool in the shed.”