DVD2one v2.3.0 Tuesday September 16, 2008

DVD2one v2.3.0 - Released Tuesday September 16, 2008

Here is a new version of DVD2one with the following new features:
· New option for movie-only and join mode: Target. This option defines what type of output files will be created:
o DVD Player: this is the default target and will create a dvd-video fileset that will play on any dvd player.
o Media Player: this will output a single VOB file which should play on most media players.
o PS3 USB HDD: this is a special mode for creating a single VOB file that will play directly from an USB Hard Disk Drive on the PS3. It does essentially the same as target Media Player, but the output size is automatically limited to 4GB. Also special warnings are displayed for audio and subtitle tracks that can not be played from the XMB. Please read manual for more info.
· New advanced option: support for dvd-video filesets bigger than 9GB:
o The extra data is place in the 9th VOB file (thanks to Blutach for the idea!).
o This option can be used to create large joins for re-encoding with other tools.
o The output plays perfectly fine with Apple DVD player, VLC, PowerDVD and Media Player Classic.
o Please note that dvd-video filesets bigger than 9GB are not compliant and may not work properly with other 3rd party tools or dvd players.
· Fixed incorrect error message when the default output location does not exist (thanks to Aaron for the tip!).
· Mac: made work-around for transparency bug in panels on OS-X Leopard (10.5).

DVD2one v2.3.0 (PC version, Windows 2000, XP and Vista) ->



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