DVD2ONE V2.20 Updated ( V2.21)

These are our current products:

DVD2one V2.2.0 (PC version, Windows 2000, XP and Vista)
DVD2oneX V2.2.0 (Mac OS-X 10.4 and 10.5, Universal Binary), DVD2oneX V2.1.3 (Mac OS-X 10.3.9)

  • Note: If DVD2oneX V2.2.0 does not want to startup, please run once an older version (for instance the above V2.1.3 version).

Please note that DVD2one(X) V1.x license codes will not work with these versions. However, you can upgrade with almost 40% discount to the new version! See section Buy for more info.

Click here for the complete revision history of DVD2one V2.
DVD2one V2.2.0 (April 22, 2008)

[li]PC: Fixed Polish language.[/li][li]Added Czech language.[/li][li]Updated Portuguese language (thanks to Marco Pinto!).[/li][li]Completely rewritten and improved Audio Remaster engine.[LIST][/li][li]Based on the original V1 engine.[/li][li]User definable accuracy parameter (multiplier).[/li][li]Even with lowest multiplier (2) better sound quality than previous versions of DVD2one V2.[/li][li]Multi-core and multi-processor compatible.[/ul][/li][li]Added commandline interface to access Audio Remaster engine from other applications like SqueezeCenter for realtime use with the SqueezeBox.[/LIST][/li]Download http://www.cdfreaks.com/software/Copy-DVD-Movie-Software/Erwin-vd-Berg/DVD2one.html

I have always liked this extremely small program, its less than 1mb in size and does a fantastic job. I still don’t understand how it can have such a small footprint and work as it does.:smiley:

It’s written in very low level language, that’s how.

All credit to evdberg


[quote=blutach;2043847]It’s written in very low level language, that’s how.

All credit to evdberg

I agree with you 100%.:clap: Kudos to the author.:iagree:

This app doesn’t seem to have a decrypter?

@ Bob,

You are correct – the DVD2one software program is similar to CloneDVD or NeroRecode software programs in that you need to use to a software program similar to AnyDVD to remove Commercial DVD Movie copy protections.

Suggest visiting the DVD2one Web Site (http://www.dvd2one.com) and review the “Manuals” (http://www.dvd2one.com/?loc=manual) section for information on how effectively to use the DVD2one Software program.



I did and was wanting to confirm what i read. Thank you!

And there has been a minor bugfix released today.



This program works seemlessly with AnyDVD, great combination if you are looking for great quality.:wink:

@Alan - you may wish to rename the thread to 2.21


some of you have high remarks for this programme as ive never used it,is it up there with the others and whats its own burning engine like cheers

I wouldn’t worry about its burning engine - use ImgBurn for that. But its transcoding is extremely fast.


cheers will give it a go