DVD2one V2.1.2 Released Tuesday February 27, 2007

DVD2one V2.1.2 Released Tuesday February 27, 2007

Here’s an updated version of DVD2one with the following features:

DVD name is not converted to ISO compliant name anymore.

Improved batch mode burning sequence (eject).

Fixed batch mode warning if only a single disk is processed.

Fixed 4:3/16:9 images and pal/ntsc images per title.

Updated Italian and Portuguese languages.

The “DVD name from source” option now reads the volume name if there is no parent folder.
Mac: Fixed problem that only 1 DVD writer is shown when you have 2 (or more) exactly the same type of drives.

Mac: Fixed possible crashes on cancel and quit. Added exception handler pool release in main and implemented new thread handling.

Mac: Changed wave file input for AudioRemaster from QuickTime to own wave library to support 96kHz files.